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Johnnie’s Snack Shop

inside-johnnies-snack-shopWelcome to Johnnie’s Snack Shop!

Welcome to Johnnie’s Snack Shop, one of Chicago’s best diners and breakfast restaurants.  Here you will find a bunch of different breakfasts and lunches that everyone will enjoy.


If you like your eggs runny with bacon and toast, we have what you want.  If you enjoy a healthier, sweeter breakfast then our fruit salads are a very good option for you too.

Everything from lunch to breakfast is here for your pleasure and with a minimal wait, you can have the best meal of the day in a matter of minutes when you come to Johnnie’s Snack Shop.

Old fashioned diner restaurant with waitresses that get it right and get it quick. Had my coffee within a minute of sitting down. Really nice filling breakfast at a very reasonable price.

johnnies-snack-shop-cookThere are always a few Chicago policeman in here so you know it is a great diner – the cops always know where the best food is!

Overall a great diner that is exactly what you need for some breakfast after a long night or in general.

Johnnie’s Snack Shop is one of those places that all the locals know about and go to because of the great food at an exceptional price – and great service to go with it!

Their excellent chef has been with them for years and will take good care of you!

Stop by and try it – you’ll be coming back for years!